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Neil Sedakka
Honoree 2013
Pat Harrington
Honoree 2000
A C Lyles
Honoree 2006
Loni Anderson
Honoree 2018
Loretta Swit
Honoree 2008
Anne Jeffries
Honoree 2001
Michael Feinstein
Honoree 2013
Vin Scully
Honoree 2008
Beverly Garland
Honoree 2001
Barbara Eden
Honoree 2016
Johnny Mathis
Honoree 2013
Frank Gorshin
Honoree 2004
Dick Cavett
Honoree 2014
Bill Dana
Honoree 2006
Chad Everett
Honoree 2011
Don Knotts
Honoree 2000
Orson Bean
Honoree 2001
Bob Banner
Honoree 2010
Carl Reiner
Honoree 2003 & 2014
Rick Dees
Honoree 2015
Wink Martindale
Honoree 2005
Jaime Farr
Honoree 2002
Richard Chamberlain
Honoree 2019
Tom Bosley
Honoree 2003
Leonard Maltin
Honoree 2007
Gill Stratton
Honoree 2002
Buzz Aldrin
Honoree 2009
Jaime Jarrin
Honoree 2014
Rona Barrett
Honoree 2010
Jo Anne Worley
Honoree 2005
Art Laboe
Honoree 2019
James Darren
Honoree 2007
James Bacon
Honoree 2004
Patrick Duffy
Honoree 2018
Peter Falk
Honoree 2006
Mike Connors
Honoree 2001
Florence Henderson
Honoree 2011
Robert Wagner
Honoree 2009
Art Gilmore
Honoree 2005
Ray Charles
Honoree 2012
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.
Honorees 2017
Andy Williams
Honoree 2010
Eric Braeden
Honoree 2007
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards
Honorees 2015
Jack Jones
Honoree 2011
Donna Mills
ebruary 2018
Joseph Campanella
Honoree 2005
Mickey Rooney
Honoree 2004
Alan Thicke
Honoree 2008
Larry King
Honoree 2012
Mary Hart
Honoree 2016
Lily Tomlin
Honoree 2012


will be honored
Mar. 13, 2020

Surprise Guests

Links to other websites pertaining to the Broadcasting, Music and Digital industries

The Society To Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy (SPERDVAC) is a non-profit educational public benefit corporation open to anyone who loves old-time radio and would like to share in remembering the shows that made up radio's "Golden Age."

Thousand Oaks Library
The American Radio Archives, established in 1984 by the Thousand Oaks Library Foundation, contains manuscripts, sound recordings, scripts, books, photographs and other materials that vividly reflect the history of radio and radio broadcasting.

Paley Center for Media
Located in New York and Beverly Hills, the Paley Center, founded by William S. Paley, is the world's foremost institution dedicated to collect and preserve the best of American radio and television programs.

Eyes of A Generation
"The web's largest, most photo- rich, television history site with over 4,000 images spread over 10 major searchable sections." A true fan of TV, actor and musician BOBBY ELLERBY has put together an amazing collection of material.

History of New York City Broadcasting
A chronology of radio and television broadcasting in the nation"s largest city.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
This web site has all 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater, searchable by plots, actors and writers - a treasure trove of radio history!

The Southern California Broadcasters Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1937 and operated by Los Angeles and Southern California radio stations to serve the greater Los Angeles community. SCBA operates chiefly in the areas of marketing and public affairs.

The Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors
For the past 30 years in Network Television (and now in Cable and Satellite Television as well), The Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors has provided a forum for the best and the brightest creative talent in Hollywood, to network together as the 'creative conscience' of the Television industry.

Beyond Cable: The History of Television
Here is a complete history of the medium we watch for news and entertainment. From its invention through cable TV, the fascinating history of TV is outlined in chronological order for easy reference.

Television, Radio and More - The History of Great Inventions!
The 20th century saw the invention of three different devices that would change how we lived our lives. Radio and Television were two of them.

Old-Time Radio
If you are interested in radio programs from "radio's golden age", these are the web pages for you. They are filled with many entertaining and educational topics for fans of nostalgic / old-time radio shows.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications
The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) is one of only two broadcast museums in America. The MBC opened to the public on June 13, 1987, after five years of development, led by Chicago broadcaster Bruce DuMont. Located in the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Avenue at Washington Street since the summer of 1992, the extensive public archives collection houses more than 70,000 radio and television programs and commercials.

Vintage Radio Script Collection
An on-line collection of vintage radio scripts - some are housed on this web site, others are linked elsewhere on the World Wide Web. Interesting discussion of copyrights ...

Library of American Broadcasting
The Library of American Broadcasting at the University of Maryland holds a wide-ranging collection of audio and video recordings, books, pamphlets, periodicals, personal collections, oral histories, photographs, scripts and vertical files devoted exclusively to the history of broadcasting.

American Radio Archives
Historical information on broadcasting, including the archives of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters.

Invention of Radio
Radio was initially imaged as a wireless telegraph; the idea of broadcasting was a separate invention.

Noted Nonagenarians and Centenarians
An all-inclusive Website highlighting living people of distinction who are 90 and older.

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